Podcast #8: 2018 NFL draft QB thoughts

The first football (eighth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses the top QBs in the 2018 draft. Then down the line I can be held to the thoughts I had before tonight’s draft.

The short is that only Darnold really is a top 5 player in this draft. Only Allen or Jackson have top 5 upside. All that said, if you don’t have a quarterback, you simply have to reach every year until you get one. Only once every 15 years or so there is a John Elway, Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck. Everyone else is a gamble.


Josh Allen – highest upside, floor slightly higher than Hackenberg. Deep accuracy is not good. Best fit: Pittsburgh

Josh Rosen – most polished right now, but may not improve much. Questionable reads at times. Best fit: Miami Dolphins.

Sam Darnold – best at reading defenses, least red flags. Best fit: Denver Broncos.

Lamar Jackson – second highest (maybe highest?) potential? but needs time to develop. Best fit: New York Giants.

Baker Mayfield – currently could play in an NFL offense but defenses will catch up. Improved stock the most in 2017. Best fit: Buffalo Bills.

What we missed:

Mistake calling Josh Rosen, “Zach Rosen” like the former Penn Quaker Point Guard. May have also called Josh Allen, “Zach Allen“, former TCU and RU QB.