How Music Taste Evolved

Every top 5 song, from 1958 – 2016, so we can stop arguing about when music was still good

Source: How Music Taste Evolved

Sometimes I forget why art and creativity are important. Then I see something like this where historical facts, technology, and a creative twist are combined to make a really cool output.

Check it out and re-live some of the great hits or in other cases be relieved they are no longer popular.

Franchise moves: eight fateful team relocations (and two clubs that moved twice)

Baseball was remarkably stable for half a century. Then came a mass shakeup of markets, which included two teams escaping from New York. A look at the eight that fled.

Source: Franchise moves: eight fateful team relocations (and two clubs that moved twice)

The Raiders are headed to Las Vegas. The Warriors are headed across the bay. The A’s are heading to Howard Terminal or Laney College.

For Oakland it is a time of change, but this is not fully unprecedented. What have we learned from some of these moves of the past, especially in baseball?

Which NFL Team Are You Stuck Watching Every Sunday?

Like millions of other Americans, I watch the NFL on a regular basis. However, just like millions of other viewers, most Sundays I am not sure which games will be on my television. I live in Austin…

Source: Which NFL Team Are You Stuck Watching Every Sunday?

Interesting stuff to impress your friends on who is shown where. Of course with the Raiders moving, Rams, and Chargers having moved there is a new map I’m sure. Regardless, good to know when you are in one of these cities if you will need to go somewhere that has NFL Sunday Ticket or not.

This will not turn into a political blog but I have to explain, “Why this happened”

I promise this will not turn into a political blog and refuse to even add a category related to politics on this website for now, but have to explain,  as I heard so many educated people in the last 24 hours in the city of San Francisco asking, “How could this happen?”

How can people be so stupid? (Myth #1)
I’ve never been more embarrassed to be an American (Truth #1)
We need to leave the country NOW (Myth #2)
I never cared about politics until now (Truth #2)

Short answer of “how ‘this’ happened” from of all things, Robocop 2; “Well you haven’t been following the polls!” In all seriousness, explaining “how ‘this’ happened” takes a little more time which I will try to do by responding to the four other most common statements I heard yesterday and today on TV, internet, and the streets.

Before people stop reading because of the Robo comment or they think I must be a Trump supporter, I did not vote for him yesterday nor did I vote in the Republican primary as I am not affiliated with any party which in my state means I cannot vote in Republican primaries unless I register.

Myth #1: How can people be so stupid?

Hmm, if putting food on your table should not be the most important thing to you as an individual, I’m glad you are not my parent. People want jobs with dignity and this was the #1 issue and possibly the ONLY issue in this election.  Anecdote: I have a degree from an Ivy League college, never failed any classes, white male with no criminal record, who started making plenty of money in software before the economy tanked in 2008. Despite living in New Jersey (not heart of the rust belt) with software background AND a Series 7 license, I (along with many Facebook friends) ended up working at Kohl’s for $8/ hour. Sure this was enough money to feed myself while living with my parents, but was not considered a job with “dignity” based on the standard of living millennials expect.If you want a great skit on how people have a standard of living, here.

One day in 2010, a customer came in and when I didn’t know for certain if we had men’s pajamas left(a seasonal item) in the middle of the summer, but volunteered to escort him to the area where they would be if we had any, he went into a tirade punctuated by a question, “Did you ever think about college?” Now, imagine my dismay had I not gone to college. Or imagine I lived in a state with few jobs, threatened by immigrants for the limited jobs there are because they are more willing to except less money for worse working conditions. This is the state of America pre-Trump!

As we now from this election as we have known for centuries, people know what is good for them. And when I saw the exit polls that 38% of people were voting for the candidate that they believed would affect change, I knew at 4 pm PST Hillary was in trouble at minimum.

Truth #1: I’ve never been more embarrassed to be an American.

It pains me to know how right I was for a while about sexism, racism, and overall discrimination. It didn’t hit me until every news source was actually calling it, but I could see at 5 pm PST that the women exit polls which held up voted 42% for Trump. An obviously sexist, misogynist  who commented about grabbing a woman’s vagina still got 42% of the WOMAN vote? What the hell? This speaks to bigger issues facing our country. I have heard from multiple educated women at various times that they prefer a male boss to a woman, so maybe that speaks to something cultural or subconscious. I have no idea why (as I am not a woman), but something is clearly wrong and I hope we can get it right.

6 pm PST: While rotating through the networks while I happened to be on CSPAN, I heard an educated Latino voter say how her whole family voted for Trump. This is a weird one because Hillary had a legit plan for the inner-cities. Then I saw polls and  the Latino vote (educated Latino vote included) was 65% Hillary. So even though Trump said we would build a wall with Mexico and deport people, 35% of Latin-Americans still voted for him!

The plan for cities helped somewhat as Hillary did get 88% of the black vote, which was actually higher than personally expected but still down from Obama. Being black in America is different than any other group as I learned the first days of having a black foster brother in a mixed family in a predominantly white neighborhood, but that DID NOT really impact this election very much UNLESS early poll closings, voter intimidation, and overall confusion happened at polls where African-American voters attempted to vote in red states. That is likely a stretch and we will know more when final numbers come in next week. Food for conspiracy theorists out there.

Myth #2: We need to leave the country NOW!

9 pm PST: No, you need to fight back! This is the flight generation, the Canadian immigration site was down for hours as so many people were trying to access it. What at one time and now is debatable about how America was the greatest country in the world is that people were willing to fight for the most simple concept in the history of civilization and government: freedom. And we have it! Some things are worth fighting for which I admittedly learn more and more every day. Just like the standard of living, people never want way less! If you want to get out of here, get the hell out. If you want to quit, then quit. I know democrats hate Karl Rove. People were fuming when they saw him last night, but guess what? Karl Rove lost a lot of times, but he kept coming back. The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, what percentage of Americans would correctly identify that Douglas actually won that race!?!?!?! And Lincoln still ended up on two denominations of money and Mt. FREAKING Rushmore!

His own party thought Bernie too pie in the sky. Yea, Hitler and Napoleon were a little aggressive too when they thought he could take over the entire world, but they inspired people, they hit a nerve with people that brought out passion in some and compliance in others. They had a plan and explained how to execute it. Thank goodness they both failed, but Hillary didn’t give people something to come out and vote for. Why do people love football? One reason is they love quarterbacks. Why? Because they want courageous leaders especially if that leader comes into a huddle with a plan of how everyone should execute their responsibility to get what they want individually at the end of the day.

Truth #2: I never cared about politics until now.

10:30 pm PST: This is a kicker. This is the kicker. My moment of clarity came when explaining to a male generation X democrat with a 22 year old son about “Adam Smith was wrong!”, the famous line from a Beautiful Mind that won John Nash a Nobel Prize. Nash, the most advanced thinker at the time in game theory said Smith was incomplete that people would do what’s best for them and the group. Well, that is true if there is a pie to be shared, but if there is only one piece to share, are you going to accept a roll of the dice as to whether you get it or get NOTHING especially if you don’t trust the person holding the piece of pie until it’s decided? And if that pie is shrinking (or even staying the same) will you support adding more people who have a chance for a piece? No! You will do what gives you chance for “survival” which in this case is a standard of living: financially and dignified (humans probably won’t go extinct anytime soon). The 1%, the people in power, or whatever group you want to focus on that doesn’t want change is the one that has their piece of the pie already locked up and don’t want to risk losing it. Those with the piece locked up care about politics just enough to keep the lock, but those with a level of control unacceptable to them cared before the results were in.

Obviously this is why Trump won, the people who HAD to care about politics because they feel they are not getting what they need from their government did the only thing they can do: VOTE!. They thought he was their best chance for that change (with Bernie out and Gary Johnson’s ignorance). The liberal press and the foregone conclusion that Hillary would win was because the mainstream television media television media, the result of Bill Clinton making it 6 corporations. Well guess why NFL ratings are down, too? Because people under the age of 30 even a year ago dramatically cut their TV watching in a traditional sense. Because people under the age of 30 even a year ago dramatically cut their TV watching in a traditional sense. They are skeptical of what is reported in the mainstream media and read the internet to make their own decisions. They do this better than any group since the Hippies.

For those and many other voters the anyone but establishment vote was for Trump. One reason is Loyalty. Young Turks covered this pretty well saying loyalty is a one way thing going up in the existing political machine. Whereas in the Army the drill sergeants are the first ones there and the last to leave, some organizations have the “leaders eat last” edict, and in sports Bill Belichick gets respect because he is the first one to the facility and the last to leave. People want to feel like they are following someone willing to put in the time that respects those below them.

Whether you were right or wrong, your vote won or lost, how do you fight back if you so choose?

We need to create jobs, people don’t want a welfare check. Most people would take a welfare check over a super shitty job, but not over a legit one. Understand if you want to be taxed less, corporations are taxed more so they outsource jobs to other countries that are cheaper so jobs go away here. Remember and this is easy, you have the power, now go spread love, intelligence, and respect around this country again.



A New Map for America

The 50-state model is holding the country back. It needs a new system, built around urban corridors.

Source: A New Map for America

This isn’t the first time something like this was proposed. Think about it, I’ll post my comments soon …

One of the most famous was in 1973.