The Best Three-Point Shot Celebrations in the NBA, Ranked – Dialing Long Distance

These are the best of the best at celebrating from deep.

Source: The Best Three-Point Shot Celebrations in the NBA, Ranked – Dialing Long Distance

NBA Finals Game 4 tonight, here’s to good basketball and appropriate celebrations.

Warriors win, number of records continue

Records set:

Most 3 point goals one team one season (Warriors – 938) ; previous record 933 Houston Rockets 2014-2015

Most combined 3 pointers in one game (39); previous record 37 set on 3/11/16 by GS-POR … and Dirk didn’t even play!


Records added to:

Curry most consecutive games with a 3 point goal – 142 games

Most 3 pt goals by a player single-season – Curry 348

Most consecutive home wins (Warriors 52) … Spurs also have active streak of 45

Game Recap:’s exclusive coverage of Mavericks vs.Warriors on 03/25/2016

Source: Mavericks vs Warriors

With Dirk out, Charlie Villanueva went nuts, but not quite his career high … 

NBA Finals Game 2 on ABC right now

The Warriors look to take a 2-0 series lead at home in Oakland, California against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland will be without star point guard Kyrie Irving who broke his kneecap in overtime of Game 1. Irving is most known for receiving the MVP of Team USA in Las Vegas last summer or for being “Uncle Drew” of the Pepsi Max commercials. if you have never seen it, it’s hilarious.

The Mecca of basketball can’t be New York, it’s Oakland according to one radio personality?

In Bay Area sports radio, there are two stations. 680 is more San Francisco centered and has come to symbolize more traditional sports radio while 95.7 “The Game” is newer trying to appeal to a larger audience (larger age range and level of fan-ness).

On my way to work yesterday, possibly the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard on sports radio was made about the Mecca of basketball on one of these stations. It’s so embarrassing I won’t even say which morning anchor it was on which station because both have been roughing it lately now that they can’t just pop off about the 49ers QB of the present or coach of the past 3 years.

He was saying he thinks of Oakland as the basketball Mecca, with Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and Bill Russell.

“New York is not the Mecca of basketball, like who really came out of there?” “And the Knicks have been bad for a while, no titles since 1973.” (Luckily his co-anchor pointed out the Warriors have 1 title and sucked for 20 years also.) And what college basketball do they play over there? (So clearly he never heard of the NIT, matinee doubleheaders at the Garden, and considers Oakland U better than NY area teams since clearly this does not extend outside the city limits).

But clearly, you have to be so ignorant.
Great summary from SFGate on the Oakland squad.
Great summary from the New York Post on the New York squads plural.
Brian Shaw starting and Antonio Davis as your best sub, or is it JR Rider? Good thing we have our energy guy Leon Powe!  I’m sure he’ll be able to stop Bernard King and Connie Hawkins coming off the bench.


West coast bias?

Blast from the past: 1993 NBA All-Star game

Funniest quotes:

1. “Warriors one of the most underachieving teams in the league.” (it took 20 years for that not to be the case)

2. Magic Johnson calling Larry Johnson “grandma” and being corrected by the Czar as “Grandmama”

3. “Karl Malone is rehearsing his lines for a few movies he’s going to be in.” (Lucky for him Shaq starred in Kazaam after this and no one remembers what Malone was ever in)

4. Charles Barkley throws a backdoor behind the back pass to Danny Manning who doesn’t cut. Magic: “Barkley just said, ‘Oh I forgot you are on the Clippers.’ ”

5. “Shaq has been struggling at the line in his rookie season, but that’s not abnormal.” (It will be when he does his whole career)

Knicks late rally comes up short versus Warriors

The Knicks went on a 23-6 run in the 4th quarter to trim their deficit to 5 but a few lucky bounces went the Warriors way resulting in a 106-92 loss.

The Warriors are arguably the league’s best team, dropping a tough one in Atlanta Friday night when they matched up with the Eastern Conference leader.

The positive for the Knicks is that Amare Stoudimire showed signs of life, the team was playing without Carmelo, and on paper this looked like they had no chance. They didn’t even look like they had a chance down almost 30 in the 4th quarter but stepped up the defense.

On the flip side, the Warriors were playing their 4th game in 5 nights in their 4th different city. They had played an emotional game on Friday night and arrived in New York at 3 am Saturday morning. The Splash brothers combined for a paltry 13-40 from the field aided by two huge 3-pointers from Thompson with a 3 and a driving layup by Curry that sealed the deal.

The Knicks quest for the #1 draft pick continues Monday at Miami.

Are the Warriors really just a bunch of “goons”?

Right now, the Warriors have the best record in the NBA, which is particularly impressive in a loaded Western Conference. Most people around the country that have started taking notice of this squad think of them as a 3-point chucking bunch  (they are among the league leaders in attempts and makes) led by the Splash brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

The Warriors are a highlight generating offensive machine who have been described on their local sports station 95.7 The Game as moving the ball “at a level any trained basketball eye can see” is one of the best of a generation, but they have been good on offense for a while now. What made this team finally take the step to the level of the best teams in the NBA has been their defense, which leads the league in lowest Field Goal Percentage allowed.

Many people, fans and analysts alike, point to the size of the Warriors wing defenders allowing them to switch pick and rolls. Others point to their highly efficient offense that doesn’t allow as many opportunities for the opponent to run and generate easy layups. On a more individual level you could look at the fact that at the 2-5 positions, the Warriors have arguably the best individual defender in the game (Bogut, Draymond Green, Iguodola, and Thompson) allowing Curry to lead the league in steals.

All of the explanations contribute, but one blogger at deadspin, Kevin Draper, points to the “goon factor” which may be the most significant. He focuses on his new favorite player Draymond Green being a goon while also examining the exploits of two of his frontcourt teammates David Lee and Andrew Bogut.