My NBA fandom is up for sale Pt. 3 – East candidates

Who in the east should really be a candidate? … plus finishing the west.

My fandom is up for sale Pt. 2, West candidates

What Western Conference teams should be in the conversation?

Example Phoenix uni from the era in discussion.

Rip City origin: 

Image result for wells blazers jersey

Denver to Wyoming or vice versa; Mike Lansing: Rawlins, WY 

Bill Bradley spoke to the Knicks this week: 

’03-’04 Timberwolves


Podcast #7: Wade Gets Buckets to beat “The Process”

The fourth basketball (seventh overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on how Miami used legend Dwayne Wade to even a playoff series that “the Process” Sixers may have run away with.

The Miami Heat squeaked into the playoffs and got embarrassed by the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1. The 76ers, known more as “Trusting the Process” had won 16 consecutive games to close the regular season, the tail end without their star Joel Embiid and carried it over in Game 1. The NBA of course is a league of adjustments and Dwayne Wade came to the rescue in Game 2. The player who people thought should not get action on the Heat because it took away from young player development saved their butts in preventing a sweep with an old-school YMCA skillset. He simply got buckets.


BBall breakdown Game 1

Wade stats

Bartolo near-perfecto.

Uncle Drew Part 1 (always fun)

Game of Zones The Process

Rockets post up Mark Bryant, not Hakeem

all-time NBA playoff scoring list (skewed toward today because of the more rounds / longer first round series.

What we missed:

Hopefully nothing.

Podcast #4: The Price was right, 20 years early

The third NBA (fourth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on a guy who was ahead of his time. 10 years ahead is like light years in modern NBA thinking.

Mark Price highlights, does Steph Curry not use the exact same moves?

Abusing rookie Iverson.

Stockton compared to Mark Price. Closer than you think.

I gave Nash too much credit on defense, Price was probably better.


Podcast #1: Hardly Harden

The first of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on Mike D’Antoni saying James Harden is the best offensive player he has ever seen. I am not a D’Antoni hater by any means, but I did take “offense” to this one.

Brandon Armstrong impersonating James Harden.

Armstrong on Kimmel.

James Harden basketball reference page.

ESPN basketball history is all about promotion like usual

It was painful to even re-open this page to look at this list because of how wrong it is. Rather than spend all day ripping on this without having created my own yet to show them how it’s done, let’s hit on the top 5 most egregious points of this and simply move on.

  1. Pistol Pete is not in the top 25. If you don’t understand how this is a big deal, simply stop reading here and instead brush up on that. Steve Nash is more influential? Clearly the people who did this article know nothing. And I love Nash but he’s not going down in the history of basketball lore like Pistol.
  2. Dr. J at #8. Wow. As a cultural icon, he is the primary reason the NBA was forced to merge with the ABA. And the merger saved the league. He caused the Afro to go in style and was an ambassador off the court. I don’t know how in either area, on or off the court he could be outside the top 5.
  3. George Mikan #25. He is the reason people realized tall people could actually be good and dominant at basketball. It took 50 years for that to happen, so what is more game-changing than that?
  4. Wilt Chamberlain at #5. On the court, there is no one other than MAYBE Mikan or Dr. J that you could even argue was close to as influential. No single player caused so many rule changes in NBA history. People showed up just to see the man.
  5. On the court, I’m not sure how LeBron James really would be in the top five for on court influence. If you say he’s Wilt but as a forward, then Wilt needs to be above him. Teams may have changed their offseason strategy to be able to sign him so I see some off court influence.  “The Decision” is your evidence? If Pat Riley is given credit for the superteam LeBron gets credit too?

Honorable mention: AI at #13. There is no player who had more kids wearing his jerseys at one time.