Podcast #9: best defensive outfielders

The first baseball (ninth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses the best defensive outfielders in the past 25-30 years. With Ronald Acuna labeled as a five tool player, we will continue talking about other five tool players and the best of each tool at each position.

The best I have seen include Ichiro, Torii Hunter, and Junior.



Outfield gold glovers

A compilation of great outfield throws

Beltran game winner

Rowand broken nose

What we missed:

Steady Adam (non Pacman) Jones for Baltimore has been a reliable center fielder for a long time now. Nick Markakis solid along the same lines.

Though his peak wasn’t long, Vernon Wells was the best in center at one point.

I didn’t forget Jose Canseco

Franchise moves: eight fateful team relocations (and two clubs that moved twice)

Baseball was remarkably stable for half a century. Then came a mass shakeup of markets, which included two teams escaping from New York. A look at the eight that fled.

Source: Franchise moves: eight fateful team relocations (and two clubs that moved twice)

The Raiders are headed to Las Vegas. The Warriors are headed across the bay. The A’s are heading to Howard Terminal or Laney College.

For Oakland it is a time of change, but this is not fully unprecedented. What have we learned from some of these moves of the past, especially in baseball?

Rough weekends … first world problems … sports – 10/1-10/2

This weekend was another dud for superfan Mr. Dirty Jersey. Rather than force him to answer more questions I simply named a team and he answered with his thought on this week compared to last.

Penn sprint football – Sure no one is over 172 pounds, but this team actually looks like they know what the hell is going on out there. Biggest game of the season this week though against perennial powerhouse Navy. ARROW: Trending even.

Penn football – After their own bought of incompetence they took it out on surprising and fellow 2015 co-champ Dartmouth for their first win of 2016. ARROW: Trending up.

Rutgers football – Odd how a 58-0 loss is less painful than 14-7 the week before. This team is a mess, with Michigan next. All around F on the individual report cards. On the plus side Stanford got wrecked by UW worse than the Knights. ARROW: Trending down.

Stanford football – Would have thought they could have put up a better fight against the division rival Huskies than Rutgers!!!!!! ARROW: Trending down.

Mets baseball – Did enough to secure home wild card game at home. It’s an exciting do or die for only their second back to back playoff appearances in franchise history. ARROW: Trending even.

Giants baseball – Swept a series v LA, including Kershaw to secure spot in wild card game. This looks like an even year so if they can get past the Mets in a toss up with one of the greatest Oct pitchers on the hill – Madbum, they are a dark horse. ARROW: Trending up.

A’s baseball – Not sure if anyone in Bay Area noticed them finish their season. This team is better than they showed in 2016. ARROW: Trending up.

Jets football – This was a pathetic showing on both sides of the ball. They were destroyed by KC a week ago who was destroyed by Pitt this week. And now the Jets have Pittsburgh. It’s not looking good based on the mathematical transitive property. ARROW: Trending down.

49ers football – This was disappointing, especially after I delivered the initial 14-0 score to the staff of the Burger Meister to which they picked up the pace and attitude with the customers. ARROW: Trending down.

Raiders football – This team looks good. A one point win is still a win, especially against a previously undefeated squad. In the NFL any time you win, coaching staff gets an A. It was enjoyable to share the sealing moments with long-suffering Raider Nation. ARROW: Trending up.

Heck, preseason hoops starts this week, too! It’s one of the best times of the year because even if one of your teams sucks, you can move on to the next, just hopefully not too soon for the Mets.

The Wild NL card race

We have a great one shaking out in the National League. The NL wild card race.

Recapping the current standings.

What you may have missed.

The Giants maintained their half game edge over St. Louis with a run in the 8th and another in the 9th for a 3-2 win @ Colorado. The Rox fell 7.5 back despite a solid pitching performance by Tyler Anderson. The Dodgers 4th straight W kept the Giants 4 back in the NL West.

The Cardinals, down a run and to their last strike with no one on base, exploded for 4 runs in the 9th started by their major league record 15th pinch hit homer delivered by Matt Carpenter. The Pirates only answer was a single tally to lose 9-7 in a game they had trailed 5-0, then led 6-5. Listening to their radio broadcast was one of the most depressing things I have heard in some time. As one announcer tried to say there was still hope in a 6-6 game, Grichuk promptly homered on the next pitch. These are the type of momentum games that can start a streak or continue a skid, the Bucs have now lost 8 straight and are 5.5 back of St. Louis.

The Mets won their game on the strength of 4 homers, the big blow from Yo, who turned a 3-2 deficit into a 4-3 advantage in the 7th. Reyes, Granderson, and De Aza all hit solo shots to back Rafael Montero who was pitching in double A two weeks ago. When their game ended and the Cards trailing the Mets were hopeful to pull into a virtual tie, but with the aforementioned rally, remain one game back of the 2nd wild card spot.

Stanton’s return was not enough for the Fish to end their losing streak which now stands at 5 (including only 1 win in their past 9).

All the teams maintain the same opponents tomorrow. Mets have a getaway day in Cinci, Pitt and Miami look to avoid the sweep, SF looks for just their 3rd series win since the all-star break against 10 lost and 2 split.