My NBA fandom is up for sale Pt. 3 – East candidates

Who in the east should really be a candidate? … plus finishing the west.

My fandom is up for sale Pt. 2, West candidates

What Western Conference teams should be in the conversation?

Example Phoenix uni from the era in discussion.

Rip City origin: 

Image result for wells blazers jersey

Denver to Wyoming or vice versa; Mike Lansing: Rawlins, WY 

Bill Bradley spoke to the Knicks this week: 

’03-’04 Timberwolves


Podcast #9: best defensive outfielders

The first baseball (ninth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses the best defensive outfielders in the past 25-30 years. With Ronald Acuna labeled as a five tool player, we will continue talking about other five tool players and the best of each tool at each position.

The best I have seen include Ichiro, Torii Hunter, and Junior.



Outfield gold glovers

A compilation of great outfield throws

Beltran game winner

Rowand broken nose

What we missed:

Steady Adam (non Pacman) Jones for Baltimore has been a reliable center fielder for a long time now. Nick Markakis solid along the same lines.

Though his peak wasn’t long, Vernon Wells was the best in center at one point.

I didn’t forget Jose Canseco

Podcast #8: 2018 NFL draft QB thoughts

The first football (eighth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses the top QBs in the 2018 draft. Then down the line I can be held to the thoughts I had before tonight’s draft.

The short is that only Darnold really is a top 5 player in this draft. Only Allen or Jackson have top 5 upside. All that said, if you don’t have a quarterback, you simply have to reach every year until you get one. Only once every 15 years or so there is a John Elway, Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck. Everyone else is a gamble.


Josh Allen – highest upside, floor slightly higher than Hackenberg. Deep accuracy is not good. Best fit: Pittsburgh

Josh Rosen – most polished right now, but may not improve much. Questionable reads at times. Best fit: Miami Dolphins.

Sam Darnold – best at reading defenses, least red flags. Best fit: Denver Broncos.

Lamar Jackson – second highest (maybe highest?) potential? but needs time to develop. Best fit: New York Giants.

Baker Mayfield – currently could play in an NFL offense but defenses will catch up. Improved stock the most in 2017. Best fit: Buffalo Bills.

What we missed:

Mistake calling Josh Rosen, “Zach Rosen” like the former Penn Quaker Point Guard. May have also called Josh Allen, “Zach Allen“, former TCU and RU QB.



Podcast #7: Wade Gets Buckets to beat “The Process”

The fourth basketball (seventh overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on how Miami used legend Dwayne Wade to even a playoff series that “the Process” Sixers may have run away with.

The Miami Heat squeaked into the playoffs and got embarrassed by the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1. The 76ers, known more as “Trusting the Process” had won 16 consecutive games to close the regular season, the tail end without their star Joel Embiid and carried it over in Game 1. The NBA of course is a league of adjustments and Dwayne Wade came to the rescue in Game 2. The player who people thought should not get action on the Heat because it took away from young player development saved their butts in preventing a sweep with an old-school YMCA skillset. He simply got buckets.


BBall breakdown Game 1

Wade stats

Bartolo near-perfecto.

Uncle Drew Part 1 (always fun)

Game of Zones The Process

Rockets post up Mark Bryant, not Hakeem

all-time NBA playoff scoring list (skewed toward today because of the more rounds / longer first round series.

What we missed:

Hopefully nothing.

Podcast #6: Rise of Soccer in the U.S.

The first soccer (sixth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on why the MLS has expanded. Do people (including Americans) long for a simple game rather than one with advanced analytics, too much scoring, and ridiculous offseason?

The United States hosted the 1994 Men’s World Cup but the sport didn’t take off quite as fast as people expected. What has changed in 24 years in American culture and sport?

Are we back to the other end of a pendulum swing where immigrants are trying less hard to assimilate themselves by eating hot dogs and watching American football, instead celebrating their homeland’s pastimes?

Is it tanking?

Is it economics?

Is it information overload?

Is it simply a 25 year cycle running it’s course?


MLS history

Stuff White People like: The World Cup

Atlanta sets MLS attendance record

Trevor Noah sketch on sports in America

This article simply misses some key parts to winning and losing (ESPN)

Small dogs aggression due to their owner


What we missed:

The full psychology of heavy metal

Podcast #5: NHL playoff ’93: Still an epic 25 years later

The second hockey (fifth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on the 1993 NHL playoffs, one of the best ever. The best team was shockingly upset, the Cup returned to its most frequent home, and the Greatest One of them all delivered a performance for the ages.


NHL ’94 released in October 1993.

Rock ’em, sock ’em

Mario Lemieux 1992-1993: 60 games, 69 goals, 91 assists, 160 points. He won the Hart trophy over Doug Gilmour. Here’s an official article about the diagnosis.

Gretzky grew up in Brantford, Ontario, just an hour from Toronto, so he defeat his hometown team. Correction was that game 6 was known as the high stick game, while Game 7 is when Wayne had the hat trick, to send L.A. to the Stanley Cup Finals. Leafs fans may want to seriously injury me for getting that backwards. Overall, Wayne had 40 points in the playoffs to lead the league, tied with Gilmour for the lead in assists with 25.

What we missed:

The Adams division was the division I failed to mention.

Pittsburgh also had Joe Mullen, the first U.S. born player to score 1,000 career points. Bob Errey signed as a free agent with San Jose, not the Anaheim expansion draft.

Hasek did not start for Buffalo, it was Oilers legend Grant Fuhr between the pipes for the Sabres who lost three games to Montreal in overtime.

Podcast #4: The Price was right, 20 years early

The third NBA (fourth overall) of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on a guy who was ahead of his time. 10 years ahead is like light years in modern NBA thinking.

Mark Price highlights, does Steph Curry not use the exact same moves?

Abusing rookie Iverson.

Stockton compared to Mark Price. Closer than you think.

I gave Nash too much credit on defense, Price was probably better.