Mid-Season Manning?

The Big Lead has an interesting piece on this generation’s most active field general, Peyton Mannning, examining if he would be better served waiting at home until a contender called him mid-season.

Would Peyton Manning Optimize Chance of Winning By Joining a Contender Mid-Season?

 does a good job examining why this is even worth considering without committing to a side of the argument he created. This defies the approach in traditional journalism, but as a blogger for BigDippin.com, what’s traditional anyway? Other than fans of the Broncos directly and the butterfly effects in the NFC playoff picture, what fan of the game wouldn’t want to have seen the Arizona Cardinals, one of the league’s perpetual dormats, playing in the league’s now toughest division, have instead marched a healthy, well-rested Peyton Manning out of the tunnel for what could have been a home playoff game?

Instead it was Ryan Lindley and a week later, an injured Manning limped to a humiliating defeat at home against his former team.

Peyton Manning is such a competitor like Brett Favre that he wants to be on the field. He runs his own offense, but I’m pretty confident he could master any NFL offense very quickly. (Much like the famous quote from Major League, “Are you saying Jesus Christ couldn’t hit a curveball?“) Offense is very much about rhythm, but talent and knowledge of the game are pretty damn important especially when the reason your team is signing Peyton Manning because your starter surely and possibly your backup were injured.