My NBA fandom is up for sale Pt. 3 – East candidates

Who in the east should really be a candidate? … plus finishing the west.

Blast from the past: 1993 NBA All-Star game

Funniest quotes:

1. “Warriors one of the most underachieving teams in the league.” (it took 20 years for that not to be the case)

2. Magic Johnson calling Larry Johnson “grandma” and being corrected by the Czar as “Grandmama”

3. “Karl Malone is rehearsing his lines for a few movies he’s going to be in.” (Lucky for him Shaq starred in Kazaam after this and no one remembers what Malone was ever in)

4. Charles Barkley throws a backdoor behind the back pass to Danny Manning who doesn’t cut. Magic: “Barkley just said, ‘Oh I forgot you are on the Clippers.’ ”

5. “Shaq has been struggling at the line in his rookie season, but that’s not abnormal.” (It will be when he does his whole career)

Blast from the past: 1988 NBA All-Star game; Barkley not into it.

Greatest moments from the game:

– Every star in the league is playing

– Announcers commenting how it appears Bird and Magic are possibly taking the role of ambassador from Dr. J

– Kareem sets the all-time scoring mark against actual defense from Ewing

– A travelling call. What? On Magic Johnson?????????

– People still like Isiah Thomas!

And the greatest observation of the game from commentator Billy Cunningham, “for some reason, Charles Barkley is just not that into this game.”

So we present the top 10 reasons not to blame Charles Barkley for “not being into it”

10. He’s setting a trend that will get popular 15 years later.

9. It’s not on TNT.

8. It’s in Chicago and they already rigged the dunk contest for Jordan.

7. He was a Republican until they lost their minds.

6. He thought he was playing for Popovich on the second night of a back to back.

5. He could get hurt! It’s an exhibition, right?

4. At least he showed up.

3. At least he didn’t fake an injury so he wouldn’t have to show up.

2. He is NOT a role model.

1. It’s not like they are playing for home field advantage or anything.