No one excels like Darrelle

The New York Post explains why the smart money is still on Darrelle Revis …

Not as much science in this one and leading with Michael Irvin may not be the best “expert” but a good read nevertheless. In fairness to Sherman, he really has only been playing corner since 2009 and why should he move around the field like Revis when his team is on the brink of a second straight title?

The original Deflategate? Maybe not the first, but 2 decades ago …

Jets Lowery smacks Patriots ballboy

Joe Montana made some controversial comments on how kickers are the main reason the NFL changed the rules ultimately resulting in this recent “Deflategate.”

One such example came in one of the NFL’s fiercest rivalries back in 1995 with the Jets in Foxboro. Unfortunately, there is no Belichick-Carroll angle here as Carroll was fired before the 1995 season, replaced by Rich Kotite and Belichick arrived with the Jets on Bill Parcells staff in 1997.