My NBA fandom is up for sale Pt. 3 – East candidates

Who in the east should really be a candidate? … plus finishing the west.

My fandom is up for sale Pt. 2, West candidates

What Western Conference teams should be in the conversation?

Example Phoenix uni from the era in discussion.

Rip City origin: 

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Denver to Wyoming or vice versa; Mike Lansing: Rawlins, WY 

Bill Bradley spoke to the Knicks this week: 

’03-’04 Timberwolves


Sports biz report: The new, scaled-down Brooklyn Nets

General manager Billy King settled into his chair at the head of a conference table in the media room at the Brooklyn Nets’ practice facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey to brief reporters on the new, scaled-down expectations for his team.

Source: Sports biz report: The new, scaled-down Brooklyn Nets

The key in this article is that they need to avoid the horrific seasons that crush your brand, “like the Knicks had last year.”

Much to follow on this team that is doing the opposite of what every other NBA team is doing.

Brooklyn takes battle of the boroughs 92-88

The Nets will retain bragging rights over the Knicks for another year which unfortunately doesn’t mean as much as fans of New York City’s two NBA squads have underachieved this season.

A close 92-88 victory, their 3rd in a row, raises the Nets into a temporary tie with Miami (currently playing San Antonio) for the 8th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

The Knicks loss drops them into a tie for the worst record in the NBA which will help their chances in the lottery for the #1 draft pick in this June’s draft.