Rough weekends … first world problems … sports

My wife has a job where actually lives are at stake, so anytime I have a bad day (like this past Monday), it should make me feel better about my first world white collar problems. That said one way to express the emotion you can’t when staring at a computer is by watching sports! And what’s great is even if your team loses it doesn’t really matter, best described by Jerry Seinfeld. One example.

So i caught up with the most invested sports fan I know, Mr. Dirty Jersey. He lives in San Francisco which means he watches his teams alone or at bars filled with their fans (like the Wreck Room for the Jets). Note that Jets fans will take any excuse for doing the famous J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! chant when surrounded by other fans. San Diego example.

BD: I’m sure there have been worse sports weekends in your near 30 year career as a fan, but how do you measure this one?

Dirty: Penn Sprint football won 14-9, which game some level of satisfaction being that they beat Army, but otherwise I didn’t have much other than pent up emotion that had no where to go.
BD: What happened on Saturday?
Dirty: In the Rutgers game, the tying TD to make it 7-7 and a sack on 3rd down of the following drive were the only times I got to Jersey fist pump and cheer, which they then turned over and give up a TD first play afterward. Their best play which was a 76 yard screen pass to their best player didn’t even end in a cheer because A. he’s now out for the season after being injured on the play and B. they failed to score on 4 plays inside the 5. And then they have OSU next week, ouch. And the Mets go down 10-0 only to come back to 10-8 with so many chances in the final innings.
BD: Ouch. Literally.
Dirty: This frustration carried to the Jets, but then …. 8 turnovers! Not a single Jets chant, even though much like that soccer announcer who doesn’t do anything except say a goal might be near and then yells GOOOOOL, there were so many chances in the red zone (4) that were just about to cause an eruption of emotion. This is the earliest in the season dud ever, and may have the most near Jets chants that were not to be unlike 2012 Niners game where there was no sniff compounded by being surrounded by 49ers faithful.
So looking at the past 7 seasons when i exclusively watch at bars, I recall the following zero Jets chant games. Which is ridiculous how many there actually are, but off the top of my head 2010: 45-3 game which was then avenged making it ok, the aforementioned 49ers game in 2012. ’13: Down 28-0 to Cincinnati in the 1st quarter! The bills game after the bye, 2014: bills 38-3 after they did not practice due to a blizzard! None last year.
But how many would the pats have?!?!?!?!?
BD: And all this on a day when the Mets, yes the New York Mets won 17-0.
Dirty: True, and at the end of the weekend, the Mets still lead the wild card, Jets have a lot of football to play, and Rutgers still has 4 winnable games (maybe) on their schedule to achieve bowl eligibility. So sports doesn’t matter anyway and this weekend may go down not even being remembered.
Full list compiled:
2010: full: the 45-3 game, possible: the 9-0 packers loss (though im sure there was a 3rd down stop somewhere)
2011: possible: Eagles loss that made them 8-6
2012: full: 49ers game, possible: miami game, doesn’t count: bills week 17
2013: full: Cinci, weeks 11-13 worst 3 weeks of football i have ever seen
2014: full: SD 31-0, and bills 38-3
2015: zero, though week 17 was painful we still had jets chant on Decker’s TD
2016: this game

The Wild NL card race

We have a great one shaking out in the National League. The NL wild card race.

Recapping the current standings.

What you may have missed.

The Giants maintained their half game edge over St. Louis with a run in the 8th and another in the 9th for a 3-2 win @ Colorado. The Rox fell 7.5 back despite a solid pitching performance by Tyler Anderson. The Dodgers 4th straight W kept the Giants 4 back in the NL West.

The Cardinals, down a run and to their last strike with no one on base, exploded for 4 runs in the 9th started by their major league record 15th pinch hit homer delivered by Matt Carpenter. The Pirates only answer was a single tally to lose 9-7 in a game they had trailed 5-0, then led 6-5. Listening to their radio broadcast was one of the most depressing things I have heard in some time. As one announcer tried to say there was still hope in a 6-6 game, Grichuk promptly homered on the next pitch. These are the type of momentum games that can start a streak or continue a skid, the Bucs have now lost 8 straight and are 5.5 back of St. Louis.

The Mets won their game on the strength of 4 homers, the big blow from Yo, who turned a 3-2 deficit into a 4-3 advantage in the 7th. Reyes, Granderson, and De Aza all hit solo shots to back Rafael Montero who was pitching in double A two weeks ago. When their game ended and the Cards trailing the Mets were hopeful to pull into a virtual tie, but with the aforementioned rally, remain one game back of the 2nd wild card spot.

Stanton’s return was not enough for the Fish to end their losing streak which now stands at 5 (including only 1 win in their past 9).

All the teams maintain the same opponents tomorrow. Mets have a getaway day in Cinci, Pitt and Miami look to avoid the sweep, SF looks for just their 3rd series win since the all-star break against 10 lost and 2 split.

Thanks for nothing Steve Phillips

.. in the 2000 draft anyway. and ’01 after rd 1, and ’02.
This has to be one of the worst draft classes in the history of the modern era. Duncan as the best guy from it? What?????
2001 was pretty bad but they did get Heilman and Wright in the first round. I know Heilman wasn’t great but at least he made it to the bigs.
2002 also only had two guys contribute in the show, neither of which was with New York (Lindstrom and Kazmir).
Clicking through the links, drafting well usually results in your team being good about 3-4 years later, who knew!

Addict fight

Jon Blaze brought to my attention,

yea, this is sad and just another short chapter in the story of the greatest dynasty that wasn’t.

Arguably the best of the group profiled in the series. Where was the wild card when you needed it! (’84, ’85, ’87, ’89, ’90) which would have been 7 straight playoff appearances.
1B: Greatest fielder of all time and .300 hitter, replaced by solid Magadan
2B: should have been Gregg Jeffries up next
3B: Guy who goes 30-30 three times in the next 5 years
SS: Serviceable Elster. Black hole until Ordonez
LF: McReynolds fair trade for MVP Mitchell
CF: Traded nails?!?!?! replacement juan samuel?!?!?!?!
RF: Potential unlimited, who after a decade of drugs STILL can hit and wins WS across town
SP: Most talent all-time who threw a no-no a drug decade later, Darling, CONE!!!!!!!!!, Aguilera then Viola after Ojeda fishing accident, the Hawaiian
RP: Myers (then Franco), Orosco, McDowell, Tapani, Kevin brown (wrong one) ok maybe the bullpen would have broke down …
And of course they have plenty of money pre Madoff to sign people like Saberhagen, Murray, Bobby Bo (take 1), Vince Coleman to offset their flameouts prospects: jeffries, whitehurst, donnels, carreon plus all the ones that you never heard of.

Mets 2014 rant

I discovered this today even though it’s from 2014.

He’s oddly articulate, and knows a lot of stats. But when he blows up, it’s amazing.

Chris Young, Granderson, Wilpons, it’s just hilarious.
I would like to see this guy right now and how pissed off he is. This 2016 team should actually be good unlike the 2014.

NOTE: This website does not condone the use of inappropriate language, especially when discussing people’s livelihood. That said, this is still funny if we could bleep it all out.

Subway Series 2015 preview by Steve Phillips | Newsday

Throw out the notion of bragging rights when the Yankees and Mets meet at Citi

Source: Subway Series 2015 preview by Steve Phillips | Newsday

Steve Phillips may have failed as a GM, but nonetheless, here is his take which will aid you in your water cooler debate or trash talking at your daughter’s soccer game this weekend.

2015 Subway Series, Yankees at Mets: Eight things to know: Biggest series between the two clubs other than the 2000 World Series

The Yankees and Mets meet at Citi Field for the second leg of the 2015 Subway Series this weekend. Here are eight things to know about the three games.

Source: 2015 Subway Series, Yankees at Mets: Eight things to know

Mets lineup predictions next 5 games

UPDATE 4 pm EDT 8/1: Looks like I totally missed the Mets plans moving forward as Granderson in center today, Cespedes in left, Johnson in right.

Here’s a quick stab at what the Mets lineups might look like over the next few days. I didn’t dig deep yet into career stats versus the opposing hurler and hopefully some guys heat up to force themselves into the lineup the next day.

1-Aug 2-Aug 3-Aug 4-Aug 5-Aug
H-Wsh H-Wsh A-Mia A-Mia A-Mia
Ross (R) Zimmerman (R) Koehler (R) Nicolino (L) Phelps (R)
Granderson, RF Granderson, RF Granderson, RF Lagares, CF Granderson, RF
Tejada, SS Flores, SS Tejada, SS Tejada, SS Tejada, SS
Murphy, 3B Murphy, 3B Murphy, 2B Murphy, 1B Johnson, 2B
Cespedes, LF Cespedes, LF Uribe, 3B Cespedes, LF Cespedes, LF
Duda, 1B Duda, 1B Duda, 1B Uribe, 3B Duda, 1B
d’Arnaud, C Plawecki, C d’Arnaud, C Flores, 2B d’Arnaud, C
Kirk, CF Johnson, 2B Johnson, LF Campbell, RF Flores, 3B
Flores, 2B Lagares, CF Kirk, CF Plawecki, C Kirk, CF
deGrom, P Noah, P Colon, P Niese, P Harvey, P
Lagares, CF Tejada, SS Cespedes, LF Granderson, RF Murphy, 3B
Johnson, 2B d’Arnaud, C Flores, 2B Duda, 1B Lagares, CF
Uribe, 3B Uribe, 3B Lagares, CF Johnson, 2B Uribe, 3B
Plawecki, C Kirk, CF Plawecki, C d’Arnaud, C Plawecki, C
Campbell, LF Campbell, LF Campbell, LF Kirk, CF Campbell, LF