My fandom is up for sale Pt. 2, West candidates

What Western Conference teams should be in the conversation?

Example Phoenix uni from the era in discussion.

Rip City origin: 

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Denver to Wyoming or vice versa; Mike Lansing: Rawlins, WY 

Bill Bradley spoke to the Knicks this week: 

’03-’04 Timberwolves


Podcast #1: Hardly Harden

The first of what will hopefully be many podcasts focuses on Mike D’Antoni saying James Harden is the best offensive player he has ever seen. I am not a D’Antoni hater by any means, but I did take “offense” to this one.

Brandon Armstrong impersonating James Harden.

Armstrong on Kimmel.

James Harden basketball reference page.

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Like many YouTube videos, this has a lot of excellent content. Sydney Myers also has a pretty good narrating voice/style you hear on all the Mixed Tape videos.

My personal assessment as you can guess by the name of the site I side with Wilt. That said, the more research John Blaze and I have done in compiling the lists of greatest of all-time, I like Kareem more than I did in the past. The blocks records in NBA history are a joke because any games they were ever kept that Wilt played in, he easily had 4 per game. If he knew they were being tracked, you could see him having EVEN more.

Hal Greer, Jerry West, and Gail Goodrich were good players, but not point guards. Had Wilt had a Hall of Fame point guard like Magic, Oscar, or Cousy, he wins more titles. Kareem’s total of six over such a long period of time is impressive. And even at his peak, Wilt is not blocking every sky hook (though some of them). He was stronger and had a longer reach.

As I mentioned in the 1967 playoff commentary recently, even Bill Russell had no chance these rebounds in Wilt’s area. Kareem, Shaq, and maybe Moses Malone are the only guys who would have ANY chance of getting those. Shaq did not have great rebounding stats, but notice that his man wouldn’t even try and just box him out. It would be interesting to see how Wilt would handle Shaq on those shots. Kareem had good jumping but was not as quick a jumper as Wilt so I think Wilt controlled more airspace than any other player in NBA history. Moses was such a bull and quick that he would have a chance to hustle and get some.

And the most underrated aspect of Wilt is that if he actually tried, he could have killed someone. The NBA was building it’s brand and he surely did his part. If he breaks some guy’s hand, skull, or rips down the baskets every game, there is no NBA! When he did face a guy who was also strong and fast he would take it up a notch. He was getting hacked but never fought back. His ability to not foul would be valued even more today since you aren’t even allowed to touch people.