The legend that would’ve changed Jordan, Magic, & Bird’s legacies

This video brings in a lot of valuable components to the debate and there are more if the video were to be an hour long.

Honestly I thought other than Sabonis they could have been talking about Oscar Schmidt.

Thinking more about Portland, it seems unfathomable that they even blowing their chance at MJ, had 5 unbelievable center prospects in a 30 year period (Walton, Moses Malone [cut], Bowie, Sabonis, Oden) and only two of those worked out in any capacity for Rip City. Despite all those high picks in loaded drafts, they still have managed one of the highest winning percentages despite only one title. They surely have passed Philly for 7th all-time after that article was published. Their case for luckiest franchise of all time didn’t even mention that Sabonis had previously been selected by Atlanta but it was ruled illegal due to age requirement.

Larry Brown … hmmm

Not sure what the big deal is. SMU is happy they became relevant at all. Was this chain named after Larry Brown?
Per Jon Blaze:
I wonder if she wrote a similar column when Skip Bayless left her employer for more money at Fox…

Larry Brown does not give a bleep about the NCAA and their 8000 rules (which is why he probably should be coaching in the NBA instead). But then again, neither does, Calipari, Pitino, Williams, Boeheim, or any great recruiter or coach. Not that they’d all outright cheat (or throw sex parties) but they have better stuff to do than make sure no tutor is writing any papers for their players. Are they ultimately responsible? Yeah. Does that make them dirty cheaters? Only on their wives Pitino!
She’s an idealist ninny. Or a bitter Knicks fan!

The Best Three-Point Shot Celebrations in the NBA, Ranked – Dialing Long Distance

These are the best of the best at celebrating from deep.

Source: The Best Three-Point Shot Celebrations in the NBA, Ranked – Dialing Long Distance

NBA Finals Game 4 tonight, here’s to good basketball and appropriate celebrations.

The Mecca of basketball can’t be New York, it’s Oakland according to one radio personality?

In Bay Area sports radio, there are two stations. 680 is more San Francisco centered and has come to symbolize more traditional sports radio while 95.7 “The Game” is newer trying to appeal to a larger audience (larger age range and level of fan-ness).

On my way to work yesterday, possibly the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard on sports radio was made about the Mecca of basketball on one of these stations. It’s so embarrassing I won’t even say which morning anchor it was on which station because both have been roughing it lately now that they can’t just pop off about the 49ers QB of the present or coach of the past 3 years.

He was saying he thinks of Oakland as the basketball Mecca, with Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and Bill Russell.

“New York is not the Mecca of basketball, like who really came out of there?” “And the Knicks have been bad for a while, no titles since 1973.” (Luckily his co-anchor pointed out the Warriors have 1 title and sucked for 20 years also.) And what college basketball do they play over there? (So clearly he never heard of the NIT, matinee doubleheaders at the Garden, and considers Oakland U better than NY area teams since clearly this does not extend outside the city limits).

But clearly, you have to be so ignorant.
Great summary from SFGate on the Oakland squad.
Great summary from the New York Post on the New York squads plural.
Brian Shaw starting and Antonio Davis as your best sub, or is it JR Rider? Good thing we have our energy guy Leon Powe!  I’m sure he’ll be able to stop Bernard King and Connie Hawkins coming off the bench.


West coast bias?