My NBA fandom is up for sale Pt. 3 – East candidates

Who in the east should really be a candidate? … plus finishing the west.

1967 NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia Sixers

The call by former Columbia University college, All-American Chet Forte …

1:40: Hall of Famer Russell rejected by Wilt on a dunk.

2:05: Hall of Fame swingman John Havlicek shot challenged by Chamberlain and then Wilt gets the rebound himself.

3:06: Hall of Famer K.C. Jones decides against going for a lay up against Wilt so he passes to Havlicek yet somehow Wilt recovers to potentially block another shot if Hondo got it toward the basket.

6:05: What 31 year old center can explode to a loose ball and take it down court at that speed? Ok maybe Russell and Wilt does pass it off to Guokas for an easy jumper, but had he missed, Wilt would have easily gotten the rebound as Don Nelson (a power forward) just bounces off Chamberlain underneath without Wilt even using his arms/hands.

6:24: Is there anyone else with even a chance at a rebound close to the basket with Wilt in the area?

6:44 clutch shot by Russell to cut the lead to one after Guokas hit one. Odd that Wilt did not challenge the shot here, but I guess Russ deserved that respect.

7:18 Don Nelson is clutch and always has a soft touch. Foreshadowing to Russell’s last game in 1969 perhaps with Breda Kolff keeping Wilt on the bench?

1967 Philadelphia 76ers Full Season Highlights

A great view of a great team from the people who were there and it was all fresh.

Takeaway 1: Don’t hang on the basket if you are a member of the crowd storming the court. (17:45)

Takeaway 2: Even as an old player coach, Russell was pretty good at hoops, this being his only loss EVER in an elimination game, being 11-1 in his career averaging 30 rebounds per game.

Takeaway 3: This version of Wilt may be the most impressive season of a center in NBA history. He even hits clutch free throws underhand (22:30 mark). Then at the 23:02 mark, HOFer Nate Thurmond who is a massive guy 6’11, 250+ goes sprawling away from Wilt just on contact with Wilt’s chest, not even a push. Wilt had his arm on Thurmond’s back a few seconds prior but clearly has both hands up when Thurmond falls.

Takeaway 4: Rick Barry is really, really hard to stop. Unless you force him into help from Wilt Chamberlain (23:12) mark which Wilt switches (not a double team). What other center in NBA history is going to be able to stop a small forward 16 feet from the hoop? Maybe Hakeem only or a young David Robinson/ Patrick Ewing, but no other 31 year old 300+ pounder!

Takeaway 5: Hal Greer, Wali Jones, and Chet Walker can get incredibly hot at any give time, and are perhaps the original “microwave”. But what is Bill Russell going to do, leave Wilt alone under the basket?