The legend that would’ve changed Jordan, Magic, & Bird’s legacies

This video brings in a lot of valuable components to the debate and there are more if the video were to be an hour long.

Honestly I thought other than Sabonis they could have been talking about Oscar Schmidt.

Thinking more about Portland, it seems unfathomable that they even blowing their chance at MJ, had 5 unbelievable center prospects in a 30 year period (Walton, Moses Malone [cut], Bowie, Sabonis, Oden) and only two of those worked out in any capacity for Rip City. Despite all those high picks in loaded drafts, they still have managed one of the highest winning percentages despite only one title. They surely have passed Philly for 7th all-time after that article was published. Their case for luckiest franchise of all time didn’t even mention that Sabonis had previously been selected by Atlanta but it was ruled illegal due to age requirement.

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