The Unluckiest NBA Franchises of All-Time! DURANT! JORDAN! BIRD! CHRIS PAUL!

Another one very well done, but I won’t mess around and will rank them.

  1. Clippers – Olowokandi, could have had Kyrie, just every time they have hope a rival gets good (Warriors the recent example, plus Paul/Blake injuries last year), top picks are usually in bad drafts. Benoit and Darius Miles picks look bad but otherwise made the “smart pick” Ferry, Manning, Cummings and still didn’t work out.
  2. Kings – sure their picks have not been great, but they guys they didn’t pick (like Steph Curry were not sure things), no top 3 since 1991 despite how few playoff appearances? What?!?!?! Rigged 2002.
  3. Timberwolves – should be good now AND with Kevin Love, KG won elsewhere, in the tough west. Worst winning percentage of all-time despite less stupid picks than the two teams above. Lose points for the Rubio/Flynn stupidity, Wesley Johnson, JR Rider. Other can be forgiven, Donyell Marshall should have been Rasheed Jr, Marbury more physically gifted than Ray Allen, how is Derrick Williams not better based on pure physical ability? Despite the most athletic young team in the NBA, still suck now.
  4. Orlando (other than 3 lottery wins or else would be higher), Shaq leaves town, Penny gets hurt, Dwight Howard attitude problems. T-Mac and Grant Hill best signings ever in one season (other than LeBron/Bosh) with no injury history. Everyone else with that many lottery wins has won a title (I think).
  5. Denver – David Thompson/ Alex English deserved better, McDyess injury, Melo not practicing like the others. Just always seeming to be a young rebuilding franchise. K-Mart trade much like Pierce/Garnett was one that made sense at the time. Great fan base.
  6. Charlotte Hornets 1/ Pelicans – did not win Shaq draft lottery and got ‘Zo who defected, Paul defected also. LJ didn’t reach expectations. Traded Kobe for Divac because ‘Zo left. (seemed ok at the time) Team skips town and then all the guys around Anthony Davis don’t pan out. Baron Davis never becomes Wade or Westbrook level (save a playoff series with another team).

Not on the list and why

  1. Nets – you draft the original Boogie (Derrick Coleman), keep Kenny Anderson over Mookie Blaylock?, draft Kerry Kittles fearing a Kobe holdout which we find was a smokescreen, your center shoots someone (Jayson Williams), the Pierce/Garnett was your own doing, and you traded Dr. J, you lose! And they did make 2 finals.
  2. Knicks – Did win two titles, traded for Charles Smith, injuries to guys who were injury prone or old (McDyess, Ewing, Doc, LJ, Houston, Bernard King – sort of), stupid trades Steve Francis, Marbury, Eddy Curry, etc. Just too many quick fix fails.
  3. Warriors – pathetic drafting and titles in 2 eras. Many teams never won one. Hitting on Curry, Klay, and Draymond is a little lucky. Had Run TMC then Webber and couldn’t capitalize.
  4. Portland, covered in luckiest high all time winning percentage. Traded Moses! Did everything but win a title in 80s, 90s, 00s other than ’77.
  5. Rockets – Dwight Howard your fault, you had the #1 pick and got Sampson, Yao, AND Hakeem. and won 2 titles. And you had Moses Malone once.


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