The Luckiest NBA Franchises of All-Time! DERRICK ROSE! JORDAN! DURANT! LEBRON!

Note this video lists the top 5, but Nick does not say they are in order for him.

I just posted commentary on a rigged draft video, but have to say the Cleveland Cavs winning so many lotteries have to be on here. The Bulls had Jordan fall into their lap as well, but you can’t fault Houston with Hakeem. Portland deserves some flak because when their GM hearing from Bobby Knight to pick Jordan no matter what, they broke hoops and life karma.

The Spurs made many smart moves (Manu, Parker), plus developed a culture of winning so guys want to come there (Diaw, Aldrige), but you have to say that Robinson AND Duncan were two of the most surefire hall of fame picks ever (ewing, olajuwon, wilt, kareem, magic, lebron the others). Couple that with Duncan not having any other possible competition for that spot (Van Horn #2) and they didn’t have much of a choice. It was lucky too that Robinson away from the game in the Navy, pulled a Staubach and came back awesome.

Seattle/OKC, Durant falling to them was luck. Beyond that, I think they were mostly smart and forward thinking. 5th best winning percentage all-time?

Lakers. This is obvious that other teams always F up and give them star players coupled with the desire of players to go there (Shaq). Yet when they are patient, that usually works out too (the Magic pick). Seriously 7 top players of all time on your team, that’s a little lucky. Milwaukee could have traded Kareem to New York!

Bulls, Jordan working out was lucky, the potential Rose conspiracy (luck?), Pippen (smart and little luck) but they could have had Reggie Miller! Rodman acquisition (smart), Kukoc pick (smart), Rose injury (bad luck), make me think there could be a better #5 for this list.

The 76ers might qualify gambling on Iverson, Barkley, tanking but not being punished, getting Dr. J, Moses, Wilt when their teams needed to make a move. A recent add might be Toronto (VC, T-Mac, Bosh, Lowry/DeRozan) having all those guys pan out better than expected. Portland might also qualify because their bad luck (Walton, Bowie, Jermaine/Sheed, Roy, Aldrige leaving) always seemed to end up still keeping them competitive historically.

Miami i would not say is lucky because one pick (Wade) was semi-lucky and the rest was good recruiting and cap management (Shaq, Zo/Hardaway, LeBron, Bosh). Boston would be lucky for one reason, they stole Red Auerbach. A second half-lucky reason was getting Garnett in a steal, but all the other players that made them such a great franchise were smart but not ridiculously risky moves (Bird, McHale/Parish, Russell, territorial picks). They also had bad luck Bias and Reggie Lewis deaths, Antoine Walker selfishness, Bird’s career being short, the 90s Kentucky early exitees (Mercer, Walker, Anderson) not being as good as the recent variety.

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